Santander is recruiting 600 new staff…

On September 6, 2010, in Employment opportunities, by Kesh Thukaram

Some positive news at last.

It has been reported widely in the media today that Santander plans to recruit about 600 new staff.

The Spanish bank Santander – acquired 318 branches and 1.8m customers from RBS last month. Though the FT reported this morning that Santander would recruit upto 6,000 people, Santander slammed the reports as “inaccurate”.

These roles are in addition to the normal recruitment which replaces the regular staff turnover.

So with that positive news in the begining of the week, let us hope the gloom and doom in the job sector and the UK economy changes to a positive spiral. I know this is wishful thinking – given that other indicators such as the new automobile purchases have fallen down for a second month in a row, house prices have fallen down for a second month in a row … and the increasing fear of a prolonged economic depresssion if not a double dip.

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